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Decoupage rice paper allows you to decorate almost any surface with an interesting motif, so its aesthetic value is significantly increased. You will tastefully decorate both a wooden jewelry box and a glass jar for aromatic spices. In addition to this, rice paper for decoupage in large sizes has other advantages. First of all, it is very durable and for this reason it is easier to work with. All thanks to its resistance to such external factors as water, sun or the type of glue used. In addition, it is worth noting that decoupage rice paper can be used not only by beginners, but also by those with a higher level of expertise. Are you interested in cheap rice paper for decoupage? You have come to a great place! In our online store you have the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at really favorable prices.


How to glue rice paper?

Apply glue to the object in the place where you want to glue the rice paper. Carefully plan the placement of the pieces of material, following your individual taste. Smooth the surface of the decorated item with precision, then apply another layer of glue - this time from the outside to the center to remove any air bubbles. Leave the completed work to dry. If you are not completely satisfied with the result of decorating, and the rice paper is still wet - remove it from the item in question, and then glue it again.

Rice paper for decoupage

Are you a fan of subtle, girly patterns or slightly fantastic, fairy tale motifs? If so, this decoupage paper from Stamperia category is just for you! It will delight you with its variety of colors and sensual message. Different, but equally worth recommending, is decoupage rice paper with the sublime name "Leaves and twigs against a background of amber". It is the interesting designs with these precious stones that arouse more and more enthusiasm among the recipients - especially those who are engaged in the daily decoration of sacred works of art.


Decorative rice paper

Are you planning to prepare handmade decorations for the upcoming Easter holidays? Do you want them to delight both your child and all your visiting guests? Choose decorative rice paper "Bunnies, eggs, flowers" from Studio75.pl, which is simply fantastic for this. Or maybe you don't quite know how to use decoupage rice paper? Nothing lost! On our website you will find a lot of practical advice on its correct use.



Decoupage rice paper - store Studio75.

Do you delve into the secrets of popular handicraft techniques with real pleasure? Or maybe you just want to test yourself in decoupage and therefore you are looking for the materials needed in this art? If so, you are in the perfect place for this. Our Studio75 store is a wealth of different materials, such as decoupage rice paper in different color variants, with interesting motifs. In addition, its price ranges from just a few zlotys, so everyone can afford to buy it. In addition, we have prepared a variety of acrylic fluids, adhesives and preparations. However, regardless of which decoupage rice paper you choose, one thing is certain - the object you decorate will be unique.