If you want to make similar Easter decorations - please watch my video tutorial on the Studio75 channel

In my work, I used two rice papers - ST0157 and ST0118 and a base from Artistiko - an egg with a frame - also available in the Studio75 store.

First, I painted all the elements with gesso and white acrylic paint. Using decoupage glue with varnish, I glued two selected fragments of rice papers onto the bases. I painted the backs of the bases and the frame red. I blackened the work using the dry brush method. I glued the frame to the egg. I glued the clay impressions. I painted everything with matte varnish. Then I browned the impressions and made shadows around them. I splashed both works with watered down paint in brown, white and black. I varnished everything for the last time and attached the bows. I hope you like this version of Easter decorations.

I used:

- Studio75 rice paper (ST0157 and ST0118)

- HDF base from Artistiko - egg with a 15cm frame

- matte varnish

- decoupage glue with varnish

- gesso

- acrylic paints

- clay

- moulds