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Can artificial flowers look like real ones? Yes, if you make them out of a special plastic foam called foamiran.

Foamiran and silk foamhave been conquering the hearts of many creative Polish women for several years now.  

Foamiran is formed after being brought close to a source of heat, which is an iron or a heater. Silk foam, on the other hand, is formed without the use of iron, under the influence of hand heat. Metal ball tools can be used to form flowers using foamiran.

Foamiran is available in more than 20 colours and silk in several shades. White is the most popular colour, as it can be coloured with pastels and inks.

The foam can be cut with scissors, paper cutters, punches and hole punches. To heat the foam we can use an iron set on low temperature (without steam) or a heater. In our online shop you can also buy ready-made flower petals cut out in foam. Fill the centres of the flowers with stamens.